Parking Info

Historic Crew Stadium is located in the north of the city of Columbus, about 3.5 miles from downtown Columbus and not far east from the Ohio State University Campus.

The stadium lies adjacent to the I-71, which runs between Cleveland and downtown Columbus. From the I-71 take exit 111 toward 17th Avenue. Turn west onto 17th Avenue and directly right following the sign for Crew Stadium.

Address: One Black and Gold Boulevard, Columbus, Ohio 43211

Parking will open at 8:30am daily.

Parking Map

Map will be updated periodically leading up to the start of the festival.

Parking FAQs

Advanced reserved parking will be available for weekend or daily purchase in both the General Parking and Premium Parking lots. Advanced sales will end 2 weeks prior to the event to ensure on-time shipping of the vehicle hangtag which will be required for entry into the parking lots. The vehicle hangtag will include directions to the parking areas associated with that pass.

There is designated ADA parking in both the General and Premium parking lots. Vehicles will need both their advanced purchase parking pass along with a valid government issued ADA placard or license plate to park in these designated ADA areas within the General and Premium Parking lots. These spots are first come, first served.
Please note: it is against the law to park in an accessible parking space without the required ADA credentials or to fraudulently use someone else’s in order to gain access to these ADA spots. Our resources are limited and you will be impacting guests that truly need the services we provide.

Motorcycle parking will be available in both the General and Premium Parking lots and will require an advanced purchased parking pass. There is not a specific motorcycle parking pass for purchase.

Additional parking will be available for daily sales on festivals days for a $40 daily fee – we accept cash or card.

A designated rideshare drop-off and pick-up will be available near the festival entrance. Follow signage and the direction of police and traffic staff. This drop-off/pick-up zone is for Uber, Lyft, taxis, hotel shuttles, and all other drop-offs.
Ride Share patrons should take Exit 111 (17th Avenue) off I-71 and enter at the Ohio History Center Entrance just in front of the vehicle scan point. Ride Shares will then be directed to exit out to Hiawatha Park Dr via the North end of the Ohio History Center parking lot.
If arriving by public transport, Historic Crew Stadium can be reached with bus 4. Take the bus from Capital Square (corner E Broad Street and S High Street) or further north from N High Street. The bus goes in the direction of Indianola. Get off after about 15 minutes at the corner of N 4th Street and E 17th Avenue. From there it’s an approximate 15-minute walk to the stadium. Buses run about once every hour.

Address: One Black and Gold Boulevard, Columbus, Ohio 43211

There will be self-service bicycle parking at Sonic Temple. Please be prepared to provide your own bike lock and park at your own risk.

Due to security risks, overnight parking outside of the campgrounds are not permitted.  All vehicles must exit the parking lots or will be towed if left overnight.