Take a break in-between sets and refresh while you explore The Temple.

Beatbox Beverages

Calling all metal heads! 🤘 Get ready to unleash your inner rocker with BeatBox Beverages! Prepare for an experience like no other, where the atmosphere is electrifying and the vibes are pure metal. 🎸 Picture this: giveaways that make you feel like a rockstar and interactive art walls that speak volumes about the spirit of rock and roll. 🎨 Let the pulse of the music and the energy of the crowd take you on a wild ride!

The Blackened Whiskey Bar

The Whiskey Bar presented by BLACKENED American Whiskey is a DWP must-do! Our partners at BLACKENED hand-crafted a super premium blend of straight bourbons & ryes, which is finished in black brand casks and sonically-enhanced to extract more flavor from the casks, a process dubbed BLACK NOISE. Created by the late, legendary Master Distiller Dave Pickerell and the almighty Metallica, BLACKENED is now overseen by Master Distiller & Blender Rob Dietrich who guards Dave’s recipe and is responsible for the sourcing, blending and finishing to bring us this award-winning, 90-proof American whiskey. Electrify your tastebuds with carefully crafted cocktails at this exclusive DWP experience.

Bud Light

Introducing The Bud Light Backyard – the ultimate activation at Sonic Temple! Elevate your festival experience with a viewing deck boasting panoramic views, relax in the grassy area, and seize the chance to win a co-branded Sonic Temple guitar. Don’t miss out on this epic fusion of music and refreshment, courtesy of Bud Light. Easy to Drink. Easy to Enjoy. Please Enjoy Responsibly 21+ © 2024 Anheuser-Busch, Bud Light ® Beer, St. Louis, MO

Craft Beer Bar

Get crafty and try a wide variety of beer styles accommodating a range of palates! The Craft Beer Bar will showcase a variety of brews!


CELSIUS is bringing the Essential Energy to Sonic Temple! The CELSIUS Essential Vibes Tour will bring the ultimate festival experience and provide guests with a premium, better-for-you energy drink. As the Official energy Drink Partner of Sonic Temple, attendees will be able to get the Essential Energy they need to rock out all weekend long. Stop by the CELSIUS Lounge to recharge, grab a complimentary cab, and capture festival photos!

White Claw

White Claw, friends, and three days of watching world class artists? Sounds like the perfect combo. 🎶 Jam on over and join us at the White Claw Shore Club to complete your experience!

Jack Daniel's

Jack Daniel's invites you to make it count by savoring their finely tuned cocktails. Swing by their mobile footprint and indulge in the ultimate refreshment with a Jack Daniel’s Frozen Cocktail—it's the coolest way to rock the weekend! 🎸

Caduceus Wine Garden

As savored favorite, this wine garden will highlight Caduceus Cellars and Merkin Vineyards, owned by Arizona resident Maynard James Keenan, co-founder of TOOL, A Perfect Circle, and PUSCIFER. Having already dove headfirst into this ventue, Maynard found out from a distant relative that wine making is in his blood. His Great Grandfather, “Spirito” Marzo, had vineyards and made wine in Venaus, Italy, just North of Turino in Piemonte. At the onsite wine bar, you’ll be able to purchase both red and white varieties from these amazing wineries.

Craft Cocktail Bar

Amp up your beverage game with a refreshing array of hand crafted cocktails made with unique spirits and ingredients.

World Renowned Artists

What paints the picture better for your friends at home feeling FOMO that they’re not at Sonic Temple with you this year? A selfie opp illustrated by world-renown artists or bringing home art to decorate your walls from our Art Boutique. Get to know our 2024 Sonic Temple artists below.

Exposed to punk music and skateboard culture at an early age, Howell immediately identified with their shared DIY ethose, inpiring him to self-publish his own zines, cartoons, animations and skateboard graphics. Best known for his work as the character designer for Fox’s hit show “Bob’s Burgers”, and as the co-creator, art director and executive producer of “Sanjay and Craig”, an animated children’s show for Nickelodeon, Howell’s unique line-style, eccentric characters, care-free wit and no-permissions-asked artistic approach has been exhibited around the world and garnered collaborations with brands such as Vans, Gucci and Playboy.

Jay lives with his dog, Street Dog, in Los Angeles.

Discovered as a teen by the seminal skateboard/punk rock/ heavy metal artist and designer Pushead, L’Amour Supreme has reinterpreted decades of comic books, action figures and monster movie references and twisted them into his own lexicon of 21st century hyper pop imagery.  He continually created genre challenging work for street wear brands, MISHKA, Nike, Fools Gold, Element, Brisk Iced Tea, Sponge Bob for Nickelodeon, Topps Baseball cards, MF Doom, The Misfits as well as doing visual animation for Miley Cyrus’ Bangerz Tour.

Angryblue is a rock poster, printmaker, illustrator, and gaming nerd based out of Louisville, KY. He focuses on detailed illustrations that blend beauty & macabre. 

Turn-ons: Challenging conversation, propaganda, poster art, pop-culture, movies, engravings, bizarre humor, surrealism, esoteric imagery and iconography. 

Trav is an American artist known for vibrant collage paintings and large wall pieces. He uses bold patterns and unique compositions, blending past and present themes to spark curiosity in viewers. Trav’s art also explores how technology disrupts the physical landscape through commerce. Trav is a native of California, who began his career painting on walls and trains up and down the west coast. He discovered his love for creating art in public spaces through graffiti, starting in 1996. He produces numerous public works worldwide through a combination of techniques learned from graffiti and the formal language of commercial sign painting. Conscious of supporting the existing architecture, Trav dramatically transforms his environments by re-creating existing objects and elements and infusing his work into the existing landscape Trav is deeply passionate about his studio work, creating extensive art that influences his public and commercial practices. He firmly believes that living life on his own terms is crucial to his success.

Paul Rentler (AKA prentler) is an Artist, Designer, and Musician, from Columbus Ohio.

His work is a mix of lo-fi photocopy techniques, collage, illustration, screenprinting, and other mixed media techniques.

This work focuses on image manipulation and collaging pop elements to create strange, distorted, sometimes comical imagery, heavy with grit and texture. 

Steve Ehret is a Canton, Ohio based artist that not only paints large-scale murals but also exhibits paintings all over the country. Ehret works in mixed media, oil paint and aerosol paint. His work is often layered, and complex using many mediums and ranging in a variety of sizes.

Ehret is self-taught and started painting professionally at the age of 25. He quit his job at a grocery store at 25, and has not worked a traditional job since, relying exclusively on his art.

In addition to working on his own art, he has instructed multiple student programs on mural painting, which challenged him in a new way as an artist.

He has been published dozens of times, recognized nationally for his murals, painted fascinating larger-than-life art cars, and shown his art in many galleries and museums.

Ehret continues to push himself as an artist, to meet new people, visit and paint new places, and spends time in the studio dedicating his life to his craft.

Frank Shepard Fairey is an American contemporary artist, activist and founder of OBEY Clothing who emerged from the skateboarding scene.

Brian is a freelance artist who has worked with companies, brands, and bands such as Activision, Marvel, Adult Swim, Metallica, 311, Primus, Hulk Hogan, Chick-Fil-A, and many more. He is most recently known for his work designing Gritty, the Philadelphia Flyers mascot that became an internet phenomenon.

Crap Panther is an American artist based in Oklahoma City, OK. Specializing in ink, watercolor and graphite with a focus on the organic dichotomy of life and death.

Coming from a graffiti background since 2005, Freddy is an internationally known artist recognized for his versatility in artwork that varies from murals, canvas, sculpture and clothing. Taking a root from graffiti art, SW Freddy was started as a way to enhance the community he has grown up in as a way to build a platform and relationships with local and international business owners. As a result, over the years SW Freddy has been able to tie into the corporate market as well as the art gallery culture.

Freddy Diaz was born in Detroit Michigan. Coming from a first generation family in the United States. With parents who migrated to Detroit, it has been a big motivation for Freddy to aspire to succeed. Having the pressure of parents who spent most of his childhood working multiple jobs to meet ends put the pressure on Freddy to choose a career after graduating high school. “I never thought I could make a living off art” says Freddy. Attending Detroit public schools is a tough environment to really envision a future with being an artist. But when he began to do small projects for local businesses in Southwest Detroit it began to become more real. “Every business owner was different, ran things differently and the beauty of my job was that i would get a page out of each and every owners book to apply to my own book. It was like going to business school for free.” says Diaz. With the help of the community Freddy has been able to branch out to work with companies such as General Motors, Ernst & young, Lear corp, Adidas, as well as painting in countries such as Italy, France, Portugal, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Cuba, Colombia, and Mexico.

Although he is known for his graffiti background he is always open to applying new mediums and changing his process. “Every project is different so I try to learn from each one and take as much as I can give to each.” No matter the medium his work tends to share a story and he hopes to inspire the next generation of creatives in Southwest Detroit and all around the world.

Logan Schmitt is an illustrator who grew up by the woods in Wheeling, West Virginia. His fascination with nature and the small places of the forest are ever-present in his work and are a continual source of inspiration. Stylistically, he uses lots of lines and flat colors to present animals and other natural elements in an otherworldly light. When he isn’t illustrating posters for bands or drawing frogs and fish, you can find him somewhere in the woods or down by the creek. He lives in Wheeling with his wife and owl figurines. 

Paul Glovis is an artist currently located in Columbus, Ohio. He specializes in multiple art forms including illustration, large scale murals, tattooing, and various design projects. Stylistically he strives to build a feeling through careful color choices, bold line work, pattern, texture, and edgy subject matter. His inspiration comes from a lifetime of skateboarding, street art, and music. It is his goal to have a style that is recognized through all his art forms, whether it’s a permanent piece on the body, painting on a wall or even a beer can design.

Matt Skaggs is a self taught mixed media artist based out of Ohio. He has been a practicing muralist, street artist, painter and creative for over twenty years. His work is based in 90s pop culture, and implements familiar elements of classic cartoons and graffiti lettering in order to create something that is distinctly his own. Currently, his main focus is large-scale murals and public works.


Mr. Mines is a celebrated mural artist and graffiti veteran hailing from Saint Paul, Minnesota, now based in Louisville, Kentucky.

Mines brings over two decades of urban art expertise to his dynamic creations. With roots deeply embedded in graffiti culture since 1994, Mines seamlessly merges street art authenticity with fine art finesse, using spray paint and mixed media to craft visually stunning murals.

As the owner of a screen printing shop and mural art supply store in Louisville, Mines serves as a champion of the local art scene. He is also a founder and key figure in organizing the 2buckinvitational and All City graffiti/mural festival, providing platforms for emerging talents and fostering artistic collaboration.

Mines’ impact extends beyond his studio walls, with a client list including Diageo Spirits (Crown Royal), Coca-Cola, the Kentucky Derby Festival, and more. Through mentorship and community engagement, Mr. Mines continues to inspire and shape the cultural landscape, leaving an enduring mark on the world of urban art.